Gary and Simon Prepare for Southern Downs Round 4

Team_Tiger_Vinyl_Wrapfork oilGary and Simon prepare for round 4 of the Southern Downs Road Race Series this weekend. Kieran is still carrying injury from his crash at round 3 and is not yet bike fit. The team hopes he continues to heal and gets to 100% soon. The new Kaiser Baas cameras have arrived and Simon and Gary will make use of them this round to capture glorious high definition footage from the bike. Simon and Gary completed some bike maintenance; including fresh Penrite Fork oil to ensure they have the best possible feel from the front end over bumps and while braking.

Team Tiger continue with Kaiser Baas

September 6th and 7th, Team Tiger will compete at round 4 of the Southern Downs Road Race Series. We are very pleased to announce a new collaboration with Kaiser Baas, all 3 Team Tiger riders will now be equipped with a Kaiser Baas X80 camera. As a result the quality of our onboard footage will improve with all riders now having the ability to capture footage in High Definition 1080p. Team Tiger looks forward to a great event and capturing some great footage with Kaiser Baas equipment.