About Team Tiger

Team Tiger is just a group of average guys that decided it would be fun to go racing. If you have ever wanted to go racing, our advice is go and do it while you still can! It’s not impossible.

We won’t sugar coat the fact that there are costs, racing is not a cheap sport/hobby – and costs increase the faster you go. We find that racing CBR250RR’s gives a serious buzz without having to spend huge money, they are eligible to race in most club series in Australia, and also at Historic meetings being Period 6 250 Production legal.

Kieran has recorded 190KM/h @ Phillip Island so they can go quick enough. Riding a CBR250RR will teach you plenty of race craft as riding the bike fast requires you carry your speed through the corners. Racing with the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland will see you on track with riders of all capabilities, new riders and seasoned riders moving to the class will find themselves racing for position and having a great time.

A race bike can be sourced for around $3000, or if you have a road bike you can convert it to a track ready without too much expense. Repairs are also cheap and parts are not overly difficult to source, most parts are still available new and plenty of second hand parts are available as they were a very popular bike with many being imported.

Over the years the Team has taken part in quite a lot of racing and had loads of fun, here is a list of some of the members accomplishments.


The head of the team is Gary Dickson, he is the chief mechanic and puts in many hours to keep the team bikes running smoothly. Gary also rides, and despite being the teams oldest member, manages to show many a rider his rear tyre.

  • 3rd 250 Production @ Southern Downs Road Race Series 2013
  • 3rd Period 6 250cc @ The Island Classic 2013
  • 3rd 250 Production @ Queensland Road Race Championship 2013
  • 5th Clubsport Lites @ Queensland Road Race Championship 2012
  • Recipient of the “You’re Never Too Old” perpetual trophy for 2012, by the Motorcycle Sportsmen of Queensland


Simon Dickson (Gary’s son) is the reason Gary took racing back up and the team formed. Simon started racing in 2007 and soon after the spare parts bike become Gary’s bike and as they say the rest is history.

  • 1st 250 Production @ Queensland Road Race Championships 2013, 2014, 2015
  • 1st Period 6 250cc Production – Australian Historic Championships 2014
  • 2nd Period 5 500cc @ Australian Historic Championship 2014
  • 1st Period 6 250cc @ The Island Classic 2013, 2014
  • 1st 250 Production @ Southern Downs Road Race Series 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Lap Record: Phillip Island, Period 6 250cc. Island Classic, Jan 2014 (1:53.726)
  • Lap Record: Morgan Park, Period 6 250cc. Master of Morgan Park, May 2015 (1:27.329)
  • Lap Record: Morgan Park, Clubsport Lites/250 Production. Southern Downs Road Race Series, April 2013 (1:26.452)


Kieran McGeown required very little convincing to start racing once Simon made him come out to the track and have a look. He was the first to obtain a Honda CBR250RR leading the way for the team on bike selection.

  • 2nd 250 Production @ Southern Downs Road Race Series 2013
  • 2nd Clubsport Lites @ Southern Downs Challenge 2012
  • 2nd Period 6 250cc @ The Island Classic 2013
  • 3rd Queensland Road Race Championship 2012, Clubsport Lites
  • 1st Masters of Morgan Park 2012, Period 6 Up to 500cc