Bike Preparation

Here is listed the changes from standard on Team Tiger bikes. No secrets or specials here, the class is about having fun and helping as many riders to ride safely at their limit as we can.

The classes Team Tiger race in allows some changes – most of the changes you can do yourself. Getting to the front can be done without a fat cheque book. The idea is to come out and have fun, not to spend more than the next guy.

Race prep:

  • Engine case protection – cut out alloy in the shape of a C and weld onto each side cover – different size pieces fro left and right.
  • Chain guard – cut out a piece of alloy and weld onto swingarm so you can’t put fingers into the chain at the bottom of the swingarm.
  • Drill and Lock wire – the bolts that hold your front brake callipers onto the fork legs, the drain bolts for the forks, radiator cap, engine oil sump bolt and filler cap, drain screw for water pump, oil filter cap bolt.
  • Race glass with a one piece lower – contact Simon if you would like to purchase a set (available for pickup only in South East Queensland).
  • Side stand removed and short the connection on the wiring loom that the side stand connects – join the two wires of the same colour, ignore the other.


Getting your suspension right is the key to a fast CBR250RR, as the focus on these bikes is to carry as much corner speed as possible.

Front forks:

  • Springs – Race Tech FRSP2938 – If you weigh 60-75kgs (without gear) then the 0.7kg/mm springs are what we choose, if you are over 75kg then 0.8kg/mm will likely give you a better setup.
  • Oil – depending on how worn your fork internals are and your weight you may want anything between 5w and 20w, we use Penrite Fork Oil.
  • Adjustable fork caps – easy to find on ebay – ensure you replace the O-rings with thicker ones of better quality, we found most of them leaked with the standard Chinese O-rings – while they make setup easier, they are not legal for P6 250 Production class as they alter the appearance of the fork.
  • Preload spacer – with the Race Tech springs a base setting to work from is to cut the spacer so it sits 10mm out of the fork tube with the standard cap off.

Rear sets:

  • Replaced with custom rear sets, contact us if you want a set.
  • Non-folding footpegs, you can modify the standard footpegs, remove the footpeg, grind off the wings that stick out and the footpeg clips into. Drill a hole through the current bolt hole. Replace the standard bolt with a longer one that goes through the space and screws into a solid footpeg.
  • You can also purchase a spacer block to raise the standard rearsets, or weld a bit onto the bottom of the standard rearset to raise it.


  • Standard headers.
  • ebay muffler


  • Jet sizes range from 105-115 depending on engine/air filter/exhaust etc. Simon and Gary’s bike both use 108 in all 4 carbs.
  • Most of our carburettors have 2 washers under the needles.
  • Ensure carburettor boots do not leak.
  • Air filter – we cut out paper element and replace with a cut to size piece of filter foam.
  • O-rings/seals replaced with new ones from Litetek.


  • Simon @ Morgan Park: 15T front, 52T rear.
  • Gary @ Morgan Park: 16T front, 56T rear.
  • Kieran @ Morgan Park: 16T front, 54T rear.
  • Simon @ Phillip Island: 17T front, 54T rear.
  • Gary @ Phillip Island: 16T front, 54T rear.
  • Kieran @ Phillip Island: 17T front, 54T rear.
  • Simon @ Eastern Creek (GP Circuit): 16T front, 52T rear.
  • Kieran @ Eastern Creek (GP Circuit): 16T front, 54T rear.
  • Gary @ Eastern Creek (GP Circuit): 16T front, 54T rear.
  • Chain 428pitch NON-O’Ring.


  • Front: Pirelli Supercorsa 110/70-17 SC1
  • Simon Rear: Pirelli Supercorsa 150/70-17 SC2
  • Kieran and Gary have tried the new Pirelli Supercorsa 140/70-17 SC2(?) and are very impressed

Other modifications:

  • Quick turn throttle – contact Simon if you want one.
  • Keyless Fuel cap – contact Simon if you want one.
  • Clear Screen
  • Speedo removed – either remove the circuit board from the speedo and reconnect that to the loom or search online for the resistor you need to add to the loom.


  • Oil – Penrite MC 10W40 Full synthetic
  • Valve Clearances: 6 thou on Inlets
  • Valve Clearances: 10 thou on Exhausts
  • Spark plugs: NGK CR9EH or NGK CR9EHX
  • When bike is not being raced ensure you replace waterwith with an inhibitor we use Penrite 10 Tenths Race Coolant


  • Rear: Pirelli Supercorsa 150/70-17 SC2