Simon Claims Morgan Park Lap Record

Simon Dickson“The conditions on Sunday were good, and the lap record was in my sights. The first race on Sunday I was ever so close, I managed a 1:26.899, only hundredths away from 1:26:830. The lap following my fastest I almost put together a perfect lap, the first 10 corners were near perfect, however into the final chicane I tried to carry a tiny bit too much and didn’t get it turned to the apex of turn 12. I backed off and still ran wide, out over the ripple strip and onto the grass. Even with this detour the lap was still a 1:27.631. My second attempt I tried to hold onto the Moto3 bikes for a tow, however I made a couple of errors pushing too hard on the opening lap, I still managed to get close with a 1:26.927 on lap 4, after calming myself. In the final race the conditions were still good so the opportunity was still open. I made a good start, and reeled off fast laps while Tayla Relph on herĀ Moto3 was in my sights. Although not close enough to get a slip stream from her, she was the carrot that provided the motivation I needed to push closer to my limit. I was rewarded by 3 laps in the 1:26’s and 2 under the old record, a 1:26.583 and my best a 1:26.452. It was a great weekend for me, and I’d like to thank my wife, kids, parents, and sponsors for their support.” – Simon Dickson